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Seven symbols of Nowruz

::: mirror - purity ::: candles - fire ::: book - wisdom ::: coins - wealth ::: hyacinths - friendship ::: painted eggs - fertility ::: goldfish - good luck :::


هفت سین Haft Sin

::: "Seven S" - Symbolic dishes for the Nowruz-table, all of them starting with an "S" Farsi: letter "S" in Farsi :::


سنجد Sendsched


::: oleaster: love & wisdom, seed of life :::

The first speech of Almustafa from "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran, read in English, German and Arab, subtitled Mandarin, Russian and Turkish.

::: CREDITS :::


سیر Sir


::: garlic: medicine & protection :::

Wee story between Scotland, Alfdorf and Central Asia, to be continued very soon. Music: "Last Song" by Fraser Cameron, "Daheim" by Kioomars Musayyebi, "Joey's Ballad" and "Ochi Chornje International"by Haggie.

::: THE MENU :::


سماق Somagh


::: sumac: colour of sunrise, taste of life :::

Lockdown-Lovesong, strict rules: 1) Only myself. 2) Only my room. 3) Only my equipment. 4.1.) Only with mask. 4.2.) Only few exceptions. Résumé: Catering was irresistible. Background movie citations: Mokobé (Voix du Mali), dervishes from Konya.


سرکه Serkeh


::: vinegar: serenity & patience :::

Teaser for "1st International Bargau Bathtub Biennial 2022" presenting the poem "The Moon" by Christian Morgenstern (1871 - 1914). Music: Overture of "The Magic Flute" by W.A. Mozart. English Subtitles by Haggie. Big Thanks to Selina D. for the Mandarin version.


سمنو Samanah


::: malt pudding: power & strength, good deed & blessing :::

"Me and Bobby McGhee", German version, including a zipfel-scandal, a board-chicken, excellent wine and very tasty beer from Hamburg.


سیب Sib


::: apple: beauty & health :::

Mia, Lin, Haggie and Fili the cat trying to perform a contemporary suggestion for lyrics fitting to the "European Anthem", originally the final of symphony #9 by L.v.Beethoven, reflecting the lyrics of one of the most powerful songs of peace written in the 20th century by John Lennon. Recorded 2013/01.


سبزه  Sabzi


::: sprouts: rebirth, briskness :::

Quick presentation of The Great Bet - a Belt-and-Road-Closeup. Music by Cuca Roseta, Mandarin by Liu Yenfen.



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